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Los Misterios de la Champaña: Bio

"Candela" - Musician/Composer

Born in Puerto Rico and better known as “Candela,” this very multi-talented musician was self-taught from the age of eight. His vast experience carries from different continents where he spent time traveling and learning from other musical cultures. Many of his travels were: USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, The Philippines, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia and many others. After becoming immersed within all these different sounds, the experience served him on another platform in which he came out with new and fresh ideas, ready to be incorporated into what is his music today.

While living in Puerto Rico, this very accomplished musician, made a name for himself as one of the most ‘on demand’ musicians in the beautiful paradise island. “Candela” worked with just about every famous artist from the island and many from abroad. Here are some of his credits:

Jose Feliciano, Lissette Alvarez, Ednita Nazario, Carlos Vives, Menudo, Angela Carrasco,Russell Hitchcock (from Air Supply), Lunna (for whom he wrote one of his songs for her album “Ventanas” called ‘Truenos y Relampagos’) Gilberto Santarrosa, Luis Angel, Danny Rivera, Lucesita Benitez, Raices, Luis “Perico” Ortiz ( The Chosen People ) and also co- wrote the song Guajira " Nice and Warm " for Luis Perico’s first solo project ( My Own Image ) Ray Barretto, Braulio, Radio Pirata, Mijares from Mexico, Giovanni Hidalgo, Luis Cobos ( Vientos Del Sur ) from Spain, Nelson Ned ( Brazil ), Franco De Vita ( Venezuela ), Milton Davila ( Dreamer ) Cucco Pena (a terrific composer and great motivator in the studio sessions in Puerto Rico), and many others.

For years, “Candela” tried to put together his own music project but due to many interruptions, and the fact that every musician was either too busy or not in town, it became a very frustrating issue at that time. Later, he decided to pack it up and travel to New York once again (where he currently lives and dedicates more time to his projects.) This musical venture of having worked and collaborated with various artists of so many genres has served him as the gateway to create his own collage and array of astounding and distinctive compositions. His vast experience has allowed him to create songs which encapsulate decades of true and genuine musical experiences with a breath of fresh air through the mind, heart, and soul of such a gifted artist to an impressive degree with his “Candela” style.

To listen to this first solo project is to travel with many of your favorite artists and influences in so many ways. From Jimi to Santana, Linkin’ Park to Velvet Revolver…it is an awesome album, truly worth listening to.

“Los Misterios de la Champana.” Something this pure and powerful speaks wisdom to new and all ears.